Human resource of ZAM TELEVISION NETWOWRK LIMITED (A MEDIA GROUP)  is indeed the strength of its existing and upcoming four more channels. The effective, efficient and productive nature of the people of ZAM TELEVISION NETWORK LIMITED helps in achieving the impossible. SEE TV HD encourages the youth and provides them a platform to show their innovative and creative skills to meet new challenges. People working in and for the channel are vibrant and strive to achieve the objectives of the channel. SEE TV HD is firm believer of teamwork and encourages the members to interact, share views and give critiques. The team behind SEE TV HD consists of experts who believe in spreading social awareness through entertainment & infotainment among the masses at all levels.

CEO Mr. Muhammad Zia ud din zia@zamtvnetwork.com
Director Mr. Muhammad Shams ud din shams@zamtvnetwork.com
Executive Producer Mr. Muhammad Jameel ud din jameel@zamtvnetwork.com
Director Admin & Technical Mr. Muhammad Naeem ud din naeem@zamtvnetwork.com
Manager Special Assignment & International Affairs Ms. Hina Khan hina@zamtvnetwork.com
Executive to All Directors Mr. Muhammad Saad Uddin saad@zamtvnetwork.com


A company has already been incorporated in Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) by the name of Zam Television Network Limited (A MEDIA GROUP); the board of directors of the company shall be responsible for whole of the project. The board has already hired experienced and competent managers to undertake the project for the production and transmission of programs on See TV HD and up-coming four channels.

Company is running a television channel “SEE TV HD” that provides live or recorded entertainment and infotainment programs. SEE TV HD is an approved and good rating TV channel licensed by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) Governed by Govt. of Pakistan.

SEE TV HD is an international scale of satellite television channel. The youngest son of Mr. Ghayas ud din (Late), and the Chief Executive Officer of the channel Mr. Muhammad Zia ud din and other sons of Mr. Ghayas ud din (Late); Mr. Muhammad Shams ud din (Director), Mr. Muhammad Naeem ud din (Director Technical & Administration) and Mr. Muhammad Jameel ud din (Executive Producer) have been assembled and doing day and night very professional hard work/effort in establishing the channel on international standards. Zam Television Network Limited will very soon launch four more new TV channels on their license.

Fundamentally a long time attachment of directors of the channel with electronic media will clearly provide an absolute technical expertise in the programs, IDs, documentaries, promos, theme, color scheme, name logo of the channel. We have an experienced team of technical and creative personnel from the field of core media professionals. The sponsors of the project are seasoned businessmen and have adequate resources and experience for existing and up-coming projects.